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14 May Get A Line Of Credit With Luxe Vapes!
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Now Offering: Business FinancingLuxe Vapes is pleased to announce short-term financing with flexible repayment terms to U.S. based vape shops.Just cli..
12 Apr What Exactly Is
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Do you ever walk hear people talking about how they prefer (or don't like) sub-ohm, or about the resistance of their coil allows or requires a certain..
29 Mar What is a
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So you've recently found a juice that you love!But you're now realizing that you've had to change your coil twice and your not even through a whole 60..
15 Mar Introducing: Behalf Financing! (Coming Soon)
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Need To Get Some Vape Gear?Need Some Financial Security?Get Terms Everywhere!When we pay on your Behalf, you control your cash flow. Enjoy your choice..
05 Mar How Rewards Points Work
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THEY'RE HERE!We're pleased to announce that Rewards Points are now live and ready to roll!We strive to do as much for our customers as we possibly can..
21 Feb Social Media Outlets
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Wanna keep up to date with us in between newsletters?Now we have active social media sites, follow us today for all the newest, hottest and most inter..
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With Loyalty Points just around the corner, we hope you're all as excited as we are!You know that ordering thing you do, to keep your shop in business..
21 Feb Free Products?
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Who doesn't like free stuff?Well, here at Luxe Vapes we too like free stuff!So we're introducing FREE item of the week, and all you have to do is plac..
21 Feb Top Vape Shop Tips To Improve Revenue and Appeal
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Top 5 vape shop tips to keep customers coming back and pleasedWe have had the pleasure of writing this post in a meeting with a very successful vape s..
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