WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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TFV4 MINI KIT- Silver or BlackThe kit includes:• 1x TFV4 mini tank• 1x TF-CLP2 Core (0.35Ω)• 1x TF-S6 Core (0.4Ω)• 1x TF-RCA Core• 1x Replacement Glass Tube• 1x Black Seal Gasket A• 1x Black Seal Gasket B• 2x Replacement Seal Gaskets for Top Cap• 1x Small Airflow Tip• 1x Black Vape Band• 1x White Va..
TF-TiPatented Titanium Dual Coil HeadTempeature Sensing CapabilityNo Burnt Taste.3ohm (450F-600F)..
TF-RTA (Taste Furios Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)HOW TO BE A REAL BEAST TAMERIt's like a beast that you love to hate, so how to tame this "Beast of Cloud" ?With the newest TF-RTA Tank from SMOK, it's just 3 steps:1. Cut a strip of cotton;2. Build your coils3. Use your hands and the screwdriver to star..
SMOK TF-RDTA features big build deck, hidden sealing ring and juice flow control system, top filling and side airflow slots direct-to-coil design. With TF-RDTA, you can enjoy a strong and open draw like RDA.FeaturesSuper big replaceable deckHidden sealing ring Innovative juice flow control systemPat..
Helmet CLP 5 Pack Coils for the Helmet Tank***THESE COILS ARE FOR THE SMOKTECH OSUB 40W KIT or SMOKTECH KNIGHT KIT***Helmet CLP 0.4 OhmFused Clapton Dual Core20-45 WLower Wattage & More VaporHelmet CLP 0.6 OhmFused Clapton Dual Core25-60 WLower Wattage & More VaporHelmet CLP 0.85 OhmSingle Clapton C..
SmokTech Vape Pen 22MM SmokTech Vape Pen 22MM
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SmokTech Vape Pen 22MM - OWN IT, ENJOY IT.Vape Pen 22 has the simplicity design, a diameter of 22mm and 1650 mAh battery capacity. Meanwhile, re-designed tank will provide you first-rate taste. What's more, all parts of the Vape Pen 22 can be detached and reassembled, bringing much more convenience ..
SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast Tank SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast Tank
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TFV8 Baby, which size is 1/3 smaller than the Cloud Beast - TFV8, adopts new baby beast engines: V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core, V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Core, V8 Baby-X4 Quad Core, V8 Baby RBA and more is coming. Meanwhile, its airflow system: the bottom pair air-slots, the air chamber, the drip tip, are re-design..
SMOK V8 RBA - 16Huge Deck & AirflowOctuple Core Fused ClaptonSuitable for all Clapton Coils0.16 ohm (40-100w / Best 80w)..
Smok TFV8 Baby Beast 5 Pack CoilsV8 Baby Q2 Core Coilbrings you deep and rich cloud taste0.6 Ohm Dual coils20-50W / Best: 30-40WV8 Baby Q2 Core Coilbrings you deep and rich cloud taste0.4 Ohm Dual coils40-80W / Best: 55-65WV8 Baby T8 Core Coilbrings you deep and rich cloud taste0.15 Ohm Octuple coil..
SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast 3 Pack CoilsV8-Q4 CoilBrings you smooth and silky taste (like hookah)Turbo: 5.0TPatented Quadruple Coil0.15 Ohm (50-180w / Best 90-150w)V8-X4 CoilQuadruple CoilDouble-Barreled Pistol DesignCF Mate (cloud & flavor balance core)0.15 Ohm (60-150w / Best 80-120w)V8-T6 CoilBring..
SmokTech Helmet NANO 5 Pack Coils***THESE COILS ARE FOR THE SMOKTECH OSUB MINI KIT***Helmet Nano CLP 0.4 Ohm Fused Clapton Dual CoreLower Wattage & More Vapor0.4 Ohm (20-45W)Helmet Nano CLP 0.6 OhmFused Clapton Dual CoreLower Wattage & More Vapor0.6 Ohm (15-35W)..
SmokTech Vape Pen 22 5 Pack CoilsThe SmokTech Vape Pen 22 Replacement Coils utilizes the new Vape Pen Coil System that features an elongated design, catering specifically for the Vape Pen Starter Kit. Designed for great performance, these plain and simple coils are available in 0.3 Ohm, 0.25 Ohm, or..
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