WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Crisp by Cosmic Fog

Crisp by Cosmic Fog - STRAWBERINE - 120ML
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Crisp by Cosmic Fog - STRAWBERINE - 120ML(Contains 2 - 60mL Bottles)Strawberine by CRISP is an infusion of strawberry and mandarin. The Crisp Team turned to nature for inspiration in creating all of its flavors and no flavor in nature makes so much impact with so little credit as the juicy, mouthwat..
Crisp by Cosmic Fog - RANGO - 120ML
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Crisp by Cosmic Fog - RANGO - 120ML(Contains 2 - 60mL Bottles)Rango by CRISP is a raspberry and mango infusion. Whether you are wandering the Mexican countryside, exploring the barrios of Colombia, or just browsing aisle six at Trader Joe's, one staple you will always find is the mango, one of natur..
Crisp by Cosmic Fog - LEMON DROP - 120ML(Contains 2 - 60mL Bottles)Lemons are nature's gift to man. They are used far and wide in every single culinary experience. They sweeten our drinks, balance the flavor in our dishes, and have an amazing aroma. We managed to capture the perfect essence of Calif..
Crisp by Cosmic Fog - HONEY SUCKLE - 120ML
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Crisp by Cosmic Fog - HONEY SUCKLE - 120ML(Contains 2 - 60mL Bottles)Tired of overly sweet artificial juice in your life? Honey Suckle by Crisp is designed to treat you palate to a pure and refreshing vaping experience. Honey Suckle is a delicate blend of mountain fresh strawberries paired perfectly..
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