WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Primus Vape Co (Primal)

Primus Vape Co - Prickly Pear 120mLThree types of prickly pear are perfectly balanced, starting with notes of ripe watermelon sweetened by bartlett pears on the inhale. Light dragonfruit seamlessly binds the gap between the sweet watermelon and the slightly tart prickly pear that shines on the exhal..
Primus Vape Co - Razzberry Rush 120mLThe ultimate bitter sweet blueberry raspberry experience. Delectably sweet, wild blueberry and soft blue raspberry candy delight the taste buds as the more tart raspberry notes subtly and smoothly balance the exhale. The body and texture of the flavor stand out a..
Primus Vape Co - Honey Viper 120mLThis fruity, crisp vape starts with a bright and clean burst of honey crisp apples, enhanced into a more complex balance. Perfectly ripened mango creates a perfect harmony between juicy pears and velvety smooth clementines to build a perplexing flavor unlike any oth..
Primus Vape Co - Smackaroon 120mLThis one is our take on our favorite kind of french macaroon;  JAM FILLED! Smackaroon takes ripe blueberries right from the bush mashed into a sweet, delicious, flavorful preserve. That jam is then smacked between two crisp, buttery vanilla macaroons and surrounded b..
Primus Vape Co - Tropsicle 120mLA refreshing summer favorite with a new twist, Tropsicle is our take on an orange creamsicle. It's not iced, but Tropsicle boasts a ripe, uplifting balance of pineapple and mango on the inhale with a sweet orange cream on the exhale.Available in 120mL bottles in 0mg, ..
Primus Vape Co - Limearita 120mLJust in time for summer, Limearita is a cool and fruity limeade spiked with fresh blueberry juice. You get a sweet, cool taste of berries on the inhale followed by a burst of refreshing limeade on the exhale. Enjoy the taste of summer!Available in 120mL bottles in 0mg..
Primus Vape Co - Grandma's Secret 120mLGrandma’s Secret is a mouthwatering, flaky puff pastry doughnut filled with gooey, buttery and slightly tangy lemon curd. Topped with a dollop of toasted meringue that sweetens the exhale, you’ll surely taste that secret touch.Available in 120mL bottles in 0mg,..
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