WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Battery Cases

Travel in style and keep your batteries along with other necessary vaping accessories protected.

Chubby Gorilla H2 Dual Battery Case (100 pack) Chubby Gorilla H2 Dual Battery Case (100 pack)
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Chubby Gorilla H2 Dual Battery Case (100 pack)With the Chubby Gorilla Signature Battery Case in your pocket, you get safety, convenience and ultra-durable battery transport wherever you go. Our battery case comes in dual or quad battery configuration and is forged in an aggressive design from a high..
Sigelei Fuchai DUO-3 Tri-Battery CoversAn extra 3-Battery cover for the Sigelei Fuchai DUO-3 Mods...
Coil Master B2 & B4 18650 Battery CasesThe Coil Master B2 and B4 battery carriers are protective boxes for 18650 sized batteries. Each carrier features a snap lock ensuring your batteries remain secure while you’re on the move. Made from high quality polypropylene plastic, the battery carriers will ..
Efest Zipper Battery Case
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Efest Zipper Battery CaseThe eFest Battery Zipper Case holds up to six 18650 batteries in a safe, durable and clean environment. The black case features a zipper to open and close the case as well as a latch to hook the case on a purse or belt loop. The compact size of the eFest Zipper Case is east ..
Nitecore V2 Smart Battery Car ChargerThe Nitecore V2 Smart Battery Car Charger can rapidly charge your batteries or other electronics while you are on the go. Traveling no longer has to be a hindrance when you need to charge your battery, laptop, phone or other electronic devices! Plug this smart ca..
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